White Privilege

White Privilege
Grand Champion Barrow Overall

2017 Indiana State Fair Jr. Show
Shown by Cody Maxwell
Bred by Ottenwalter Showpigs, CA
Sired by White Privilege

Cookie x Mr Wolf x Empire x Anchor


BREED: Exotic
STRESS: Negative

White Privilege has been a major part of Heimer Hampshires showpig offerings since early 2016 and many of those gilts and barrows have competed and won shows at every level around the country. Because of his build, look and pedigree, HH has been focused on retaining WP daughters from the start and the first group of WP sows are already impressing in the crate. As a young pig, WP was a standout amongst his contemporaries. His littermate barrow won his class at the State Fair of Texas and his three sisters are all working in the HH sowherd, one of which already produced a herd boar. WP is sired by Cookie who is sired by Droppin’ Swag. Cookie's dam is Final Drive x Empire x Anchor and WP's dam is a Mr Wolf x Empire x Anchor - doubling up Empire x Anchor sow on both sides of WP's pedigree. WP has had a distinct advantage as a ‘farrowing-ease' sire and as a result he saw very heavy use on HH gilts in every breeding group. Staying committed to a specific sire for farrowing-ease might sound boring to some, but he rewarded HH’s commitment over and over with big litters of sellable pigs that were diverse in color and deep in quality. He can and will sire belts on belted sows, solid white on York sows and lots of calico color if the sow has red. He's worked on a variety of sows relative to type and kind, regardless of their pedigree. Because of Heimer’s commitment to using him, he's been unavailable to the public and very little semen was ever sold. Bottom line, this is a tremendous opportunity for breeders to have access to a PROVEN sire and allow you to take advantage of this great boar.

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