Semen Handling Protocol
Semen Handling Protocol

Top Cut Semen Handling Protocol:

  1. We evaluate the motility and morphology of the sperm cells by looking with the microscope after each ejaculate is diluted.
  2.  We make sure that the extender temperature is within 1 degree of the semen temperature. This prevents shocking and damaging the sperm cells from temperature fluctuation.
  3. We keep samples of all boars collected and check to make sure semen is viable. Quality control testing is done on days 1,3,5,7 to ensure sufficient viable sperm cells.
  4. After semen is extended and tubed all tubes go into our cooling room. The cooling process causes a gradual reduction of metabolic activity to conserve sperm cell energy and viability.
  5. Semen is shipped after it is properly cooled down to 63 degrees F.
  6. Insulated Styrofoam containers are used to minimize temperature fluctuation
  7. Insulated thermal bags are used inside the cooler for added temperature control
  8. Cooled or heated thermal packs are used depending on the time of year
  9. Air cavities within the boxes are filled with packing peanuts. This double packing insulates the semen doses from temperature fluctuation and protects them from rough handling.

Top Cut Semen Handling Tips:

  1. Do not refrigerate or shake semen tubes
  2. We recommend using semen as soon as possible. The extender that we use will allow semen viability for 5-7 days when properly handled.
  3.  Store semen between 60-64 degrees F.
  4. Gently rotate semen tubes twice per day. This helps to maximize shelf life and promotes semen viability.
  5. Keep semen tubes out of direct sunlight
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