Top Cut Genetics, LLC. is a long-standing boar stud that specializes in offering genetics that will create a successful
return for our clientele. Our goals focus entirely on quality, customer service and education.
We work by the Top Cut Standard.


  • Take pride in our work. Collect and distribute only the highest quality semen by following strict protocols and doing things the right way.
  • Put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and be fair in all dealings.  Remain old-fashioned in customer service. Shake hands, have conversations and visit clients.
  • Take time to educate and advise customers on breeding decisions. Offer tips and helpful tools.

"Here at Kilmer Swine Farm, we know how important it is to get sows bred. It's really nice when you can rely on getting high quality semen from Top Cut. From August to January we bred 75 sows to 6 different Top Cut boars and only had 6 sows come back in. The numbers don't lie and we couldn't be happier with results like that!"
Kilmer Swine Farm, IN

"Over the past 15 years of using Top Cut, we have come to expect high quality and longevity in our semen purchases.
This past year was no different as we had 96% conception rate on 24 sows from this company. Furthermore we appreciate that we can call or text with questions anytime, including after hours, and always receive a prompt reply. We will continue to use Top Cut Genetics in the future as their excellent service helps to ensure not only our success,
but just as importantly, the success of our customers."
Breese Family Showpigs, OH
"The Michigan State University Swine Teaching & Research Farm has a long-standing relationship with Top Cut Genetics. They have unbelievable customer service that accompanies a product that is of the highest quality and consistently performs at or above expectations. We've always been impressed with semen quality on arrival, conception rates and litter sizes. All of these factors will keep us coming back to Top Cut for years to come."
Kevin Turner - Farm Manager, MSU Swine Teaching & Research Farm, MI
"We have had tremendous success with the semen quality and conception rates with Top Cut Genetics. We even settled a sow with 12 day old semen! Also, we're very impressed with how quickly Top Cut returns phone calls as well as their follow up calls to check how we are getting along."
Seth Warren - Warren Brothers, IA
"Just wanted to say we were 100% this year on conception rates with Top Cut! We averaged eight pigs per litter and the quality was even better. We wanted to thank Top Cut for the service and continued support of our livestock. We can always count on you guys for great semen quality and getting sows bred."
Cook Family Livestock, IN
"I have used Top Cut semen the last two breeding cycles. I bred 6 sows for fall 2016 litters and settled all of them. They had 10-14 pigs per litter. I was very pleased with the quality of the pigs. I bred 10 sows for the spring 2017 litters to Top Cut boars. All 10 appear to be carrying good size litters. Tim Isler worked closely with me on choosing boars for each sow. He made sure semen was excellent quality before shipping and even called back to check results after 21 days. I truly appreciate the customer service and support he has provided."
Steve Gardner- Gardner Farm, TX
"Just wanted to send you a quick message to say thanks for the great semen and great service(again). Thanks again for your great service!"
Jake Nash, AZ
"We wanted to let you know we had great success again with semen from Top Cut Genetics!! This past fall breeding season we had 100% conception rate on 13 sows with Top Cut semen and are averaging 14 pigs per litter. Thanks again!"
Nathan Jenkins, TN
"This year for our fall and winter litters we decided to use Top Cut Genetics based on the feedback from their boars in the showring. AI conception this year was our best in the 9 years we have been raising showpigs. We have averaged 8-12 per litter with 45 sows. On top of that, great customer service with calls to check up on our conception rates and litter size. Thank you Top Cut Genetics for giving us a successful farrowing season!"
— Bevington Showpigs, OR
"We bred 18 sows this past fall breeding semen with Top Cut Genetics boars and had 17 of them settle, over 94% conception rate. Excellent semen quality!"
— Camp Creek Hog Farm, TX
"Good Family Show Stock would like to applaud Top Cut Genetics for their hands down superior semen quality and customer service. We had a 94% conception rate and to top that off born alive has averaged 12.3. This is hard to find in the showpig industry especially during busy seasons. Thank you!!"
— Good Family Show Stock, IN
"My current group of sows was 43 out of 45 farrowing rate!! Customer service has always been helpful from Top Cut."
Chad Rensing, IL

"Just a note now that things have slowed down to say thank you for a great product. Bred 1 sow and 2 gilts to your boars and got litters of 17, 13 and 11. The 17 came from the sow on one dose of Flash Flood. Thanks again."
John Entorf, WI

Top Cut Genetics LLC
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